We're a little bit different.

If you’re looking for a traditional accounting firm, Oxygen Private Clients might not be the right fit for you. Our point of difference? The essence of Oxygen Private Clients is our clients. We’re passionate about establishing and developing relationships with our clients; professional relationships built on trust, integrity, communication and honesty.

Our core skills are solid, our expertise in Personal Financial Management proven. But some things are bigger than money and taxes; your family, for example; asset succession planning or philanthropy. Only in-depth conversations with trusted advisors reveal that level of detail.

Core Capabilities

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Advisory Services - Personalised

Oxygen Private Clients provides a suite of taxation services, including: strategic income tax planning; tax implications of, and for, retirement planning; tax implications associated with asset succession and estate planning; independent, non-aligned collaboration with professional licensed investment and insurance advisors to further assist clients meet their financial goals; access to a broad network of trusted financial advisors; extensive experience dealing with a range of revenue authorities (including ATO) on private client matters.

Compliance Services - Accredited

As well as the preparation of annual income tax returns and ongoing ATO compliance and accounts, Oxygen Private Clients’ professional team offers Corporate Secretarial Services (including ASIC), day to day accounting, bookkeeping, maintenance of key financial documents, net asset and cash flow benchmarking.

Superannuation Services - Compliant

Oxygen Private Clients’ sister company Lumiere Private Advisory, holds an Australian Financial Services License (No 511440). Lumiere Private Advisory is compliant with all relevant regulations relating to advising Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) and can responsibly and professionally handle all details relating to the establishment of SMSFs, SMSFs rollovers, the annual preparation of SMSF income tax returns, accounts and lodgement with the ATO as well as estate planning and asset succession implications, contribution and pension strategies relating to SMSFs.

Philanthropy - Responsible and Authoritative

In conjunction with expert legal advice, Oxygen Private Clients offers the experience and capability required to establish registered Public or Private Ancillary Funds and Not-for-Profit organisations. We can also handle the ongoing management and regulatory reporting of these philanthropic structures.

Personal Financial Management Strategy - Tailored

Oxygen Private Clients’ Personal Financial Management Strategy adopts a disciplined, methodical review of existing financial structures and relationships to identify clients’ financial management shortfalls and potential opportunities. This Oxygen Private Clients specialisation is a proven strategy of achievable goals for time challenged people wanting to manage risk, create wealth and look after their families.

Oxygen Molecular Strategy

The Oxygen Molecular Strategy detailed below is developed specifically to the needs and requirements of each client and can be offered as a whole, or in part.

Where Oxygen Private Clients is not qualified or licensed to advise on elements of a family’s financial management strategy, our team will work with your existing, qualified advisor to implement outcomes of the review.

If you do not have access to this advice, our team can introduce you to licensed advisors from our extensive networks. Oxygen Private Clients maintains fierce independence with these referrals, receiving no commission or in-kind benefits from any referral. Ever.

  • Personal Financial Goals
  • Personal Financial Goals
  • Personal Financial Goals
  • Personal Financial Goals
  • Personal Financial Goals
  • Personal Financial Goals
  • Personal Financial Goals
Personal Financial Goals

Without setting a goal, it is impossible to establish a plan; without a plan, a goal is never achieved. At Oxygen Private Clients we aim to assist you articulate your financial goals in the context of your broader personal and family goals.

Once these goals are identified and documented, we utilise key elements of our Oxygen Molecular Strategy framework to develop your plan to achieve them.

Managing Tax Liabilities

Taxation is part of life.

Our role is to make sure you are meeting your taxation obligations in the context of your family and personal financial management strategies.

Once a taxation strategy is agreed, we assist with ongoing strategy management through attendance to the preparation and lodgement of your tax compliance documents.

Cash Flow Management

Developing your family cash flow forecast creates an important benchmarking opportunity.

A detailed, robust, forward focussed cash flow plan, which incorporates your personal financial goals, personal cash requirements and taxation obligations, means your goals are both measurable and attainable.

Documentation Management

Part of our approach to your Personal Financial Management strategy involves the maintenance of your key personal documents, eg Title Deeds, Wills and other key asset succession documents, Trust Deeds and corporate documents. Our aim is to create an axis point where all these key documents are stored and maintained.

Personal Investments

Once goals are established and articulated via a cash flow forecast, there may be a need to introduce a qualified licensed investment advisor to appropriately invest your funds.

Oxygen Private Clients is not a licensed financial advisor and we are unable to undertake this work.

However, we can work with your existing financial advisor to implement your investment strategy or, if you do not have an advisor, we can introduce you to an advisor from our network of contacts. Fiercely independent, we do not charge or accept commission in any form for any referral.

Personal Insurance

Part of developing your personal financial management strategy may identify the need for personal insurances, such as life insurance, income protection or trauma cover.

Oxygen Private Clients is not licensed to provide advice in these insurance matters.

Via our networks, we are able to introduce licensed experts to provide appropriate advice on these products. Again we do not accept commissions of any kind for these referrals.

Estate Planning

The final part of developing a personal financial management strategy is to ensure that the wealth you create is transitioned to your family in an efficient and protected way when you are no longer here.

We will assist you to document and articulate your asset succession strategy in a clear and considered plan.

Once this plan is in place, we will brief an Estate Lawyer with you to translate this plan into correct legal form via a Will, Statement of Wishes and Powers of Attorney.