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Michael Lauder
Senior Accountant

Michael is well aware that tax isn't the most interesting topic for many people.

When clients contact him at Oxygen Private Clients there's often been an event; a property's been sold or a tax issue has surfaced and they're unsure how to handle it.

Michael's role at Oxygen Private Clients is all about understanding and resolving clients' tax problems and easing their frame of mind with timely advice.

With more than three years' experience and currently undertaking his CA, Michael values close working relationships with his clients. He particularly appreciates the opportunity to shake a client's hand when the job is complete, rather than checking another name off a spreadsheet.

Michael firmly believes clients should be focussing on running their businesses, spending time with their families and maintaining their health rather than dealing with tax issues. Having experienced the positive influence of his own role models at Oxygen Private Clients, Michael is also keen to mentor and encourage new members of the team.

Outside work, Michael loves to travel. Europe in 2017 is his favourite trip so far, and he plans a return trip in 2018. He also enjoys sport, spending quality time with friends and family as well as listening to music and going to festivals.

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