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Merissa Tyers
PA to the Directors

As Merissa describes it, the Oxygen Private Clients' Directors see the big picture and her remit is to make those changes happen, right down to the finest detail.

Melbourne born, Merissa lived in Hong Kong through the 1980s were she studied and worked before traveling through Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, finally returning to Victoria in 1997.

With extensive experience across a range of local government, education and state government roles, Merissa is adept at change management, which has serviced OPC particularly well during this busy phase of growth and expansion. Utilising OPC's collaborative environment, Merissa instigates a strategic process of continuous improvement, enabling staff to develop close client relationships and achieving optimal client outcomes.

Outside work Merissa enjoys keeping in touch with friends in Hong Kong, family life in Melbourne with her two teenage sons and various pets: a "second hand" dog from a lost dogs' home, two adopted cats, and a rabbit called "Stewpot" who, she says, is unlikely to ever grow big enough to make a meal.

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