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Melanie Fanor

After graduating in 2012, Melanie accepted an opportunity with Ernst & Young for a corporate auditing role in Mauritius.

Apart from the magnificent location, Melanie recognised it as an opportunity to gain professional experience as well as returning to her birthplace. With a population of approximately one million, it was a professionally rewarding role with a wide range of practical experience in corporate and small business.

Melanie returned to Melbourne in January, 2015 working in business services before joining the Oxygen Private Clients team. She finds the structure at Oxygen Private Clients both refreshing and impressive; the percentage of women in her previous workplaces hovered around 20% but not so at Oxygen Private Clients.

With a female partner, female managers and a proactive gender balance approach to opportunities within the firm, Oxygen Private Clients stands apart. Oxygen Private Clients is proud to be a leader in recognising the multiple benefits of a gender equity workplace.

Melanie also appreciates the Oxygen focus on client relationships. Obviously accounting requires communication with clients, but there are different ways of doing that, including email, phone calls or speaking with them direct. It's the personal connection with clients that Melanie’s looking forward to developing.

Outside work Melanie enjoys riding her bike, sometimes to work or to a neighbouring suburb for coffee and occasionally for a picnic along the Yarra River. She also enjoys playing PS4 games when she catches up with her two younger brothers and camping and bushwalking to favourite waterfalls and camping spots in and around the Great Otway National Park.

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