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Lisa Driver
Senior Manager

Lisa knows many of the clients from her previous corporate taxation experience in Melbourne, so her current role at Oxygen Private Clients is "new but not new".

It's a bonus for Oxygen Private Clients; her corporate clients and operating entities benefit not only from the breadth of her expertise, but many have significant back histories with her. They know her work ethic and many have long-term professional relationships.

Lisa took time away from her Melbourne based corporate client list to live in Houston, Texas with her husband. Their two year secondment turned into three and they enjoyed the social melting pot of America's oil and gas capital, found people to be genuinely nice, the hot and humid climate made for "wonderful skin and bad hair", and they readily absorbed some of the American holiday and food traditions, including Memorial Day BBQ's, Fourth of July parties and Thanksgiving. They recently returned to Melbourne with the "happy chaos" of eight month old identical twins.

At Oxygen Private Clients she appreciates the importance of client relationship continuity and "old fashioned service" and recognises it's an important point of difference. Building deeper relationships with clients and anticipating their needs in order to overcome challenges is a key indicator and source of pride within the Oxygen Private Clients team.

Clients at Oxygen are not cogs in a machine. Staff will call their clients rather than shoot over an email and information and advice will arrive as committed.

Oxygen's corporate clients require a slightly different style of relationship; they are time pressured, so on call responsiveness is critical to their decision making processes.

According to Lisa, Oxygen's corporate clients "need to know we're there and need to know who they'll be talking to. They're thinking a mile a minute and we're here to support them and their business, not impede their decisions."

At Oxygen corporate clients are provided direct access to all the information they require, including some they don't yet know they need, all in a timely fashion.

Outside work, Lisa and her husband are enjoying being back in Melbourne and are introducing family and friends to some of Houston's great food secrets, particularly their BBQ's.

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