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David Bilston-McGillen

Experience affords perspective.

With more than 30 years in professional practice, David recognised Oxygen Private Clients as an opportunity to energise clients' wealth, embrace ongoing change within a dynamic financial environment, and create a positive work space for staff. Whether it's solving clients' problems or balancing books, the essence of Oxygen Private Clients is about helping people. For David, the success of the business is not about the next invoice; it's about longevity and investing in relationships with clients and staff.

"Oxygen Private Clients is different because we want to work with people," said David. "As a team, Oxygen Private Clients tends to gravitate together to work with clients. The fundamental element is care, and that's totally genuine."

Initially it was the symmetry and logic of accounting that triggered David's passion. Interestingly he "hated maths", but the necessity for balance and the opportunity to delve into the minutiae of financial problems won him over. Increasingly, his connection with clients shifted the paradigm but his attention to detail has never changed.

The nature of the best relationships David has with his clients is meeting and connecting with them and helping solve their problems. Having accumulated a broad network of colleagues across a range of associated fields, there are "not too many things" David can't help clients with. Such client relationships require candid honesty and trust, both of which are hallmarks of the business.

The establishment of Oxygen Private Clients is an opportunity also for David to energise the team. The technical competence of Oxygen Private Clients' staff and their high level of service, coupled with a deep understanding of clients' context, means the achievement of greater client outcomes. "Our staff look after each other. I know if they're looking after each other then they're looking after our clients."

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