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Anthony Cini

Anthony's accounting career began to take off when he completed his RMIT College of Business Co-Operative Education Program in 2017. The program provided Anthony with the opportunity to work part-time at Oxygen Private Clients during his final year of study, which fast tracked his transition from tertiary education into the workplace.

According to Anthony, the Co-Op Program revealed the "real life" of an accountant in a way that lectures, tutorials and assignments were unable to. The "hands-on" and real time immersion into what's expected of a recent accounting graduate, including key roles and responsibilities, cemented his intent to continue in the field. Anthony recognised immediately that, at Oxygen Private Clients, it's all about developing and strengthening relationships, both with clients and colleagues.

When he's not taking care of Oxygen Private Clients' income tax returns or studying for his CA, Anthony enjoys staying up late to watch "The Beautiful Game" as his team, Manchester United, competes in the English Premier League.

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