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Most of us believe we would recognise a financial scam if we saw one. Unfortunately, recent scams demanding ATO payments appear so legitimate they'd fool many of us. And they have.

The key takeaway with financial scams is to act with extreme caution and remain calm.

It is unlikely you would receive direct communication from the ATO, let alone demands for payment. Any payment requests or abnormalities from the ATO would be received by Oxygen Private Clients who would then contact you with a friendly reminder regarding your tax payment, if required.

The increased prevalence of financial scamming has been matched by the scammers' level of intimidation. Many scam communications include "final warnings" in their messages of demand and even refer to jail time for the recipient if payment is not received.

Oxygen Private Clients encourages all clients to remain vigilant and alert to these scams.

Your first response always should be to contact Oxygen Private Clients. No matter how convincing or intimidating the communication, under no circumstances should you respond to the demands of any phone call, email or text message demanding payments to the ATO.

Communication with clients is a core value at Oxygen Private Clients. The team would prefer to alleviate your concerns during a five minute phone call than have you fall victim to unscrupulous scammers.

Remember, if you are in any doubt at all about emails, text messages or phone calls relating to the ATO or any other financial matter, contact Oxygen Private Clients immediately to confirm the source of the request.

Call the Team at Oxygen Private Clients 03 9977 2600

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Michael Lauder
Michael Lauder 16 November 2018 BACK